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Coming out on the other side

It’s hard to describe the journey once you’re on the other side, almost impossible to verbalize all the thoughts and emotions and trauma and freedom that are birthed in the process. I can’t tell you how but I feel that it’s truly happened.

Months ago I saw my friend, with my husband, for a spirit session, it was my second session but first with Jake. It was a huge transformation, cleared so much and deepened our connection to the point I never thought we’d get to again. During the session it came up that I was in a period of grief, growth and shit, and that it would be that way for a while and so it has been. I can’t tell you how difficult it is to heal, mother, teach and be wife while battling these inner demons but you probably know because we all fight our own fight. it’s been exhausting.

Something shifted though, the levy broke and I was finally able to breathe, observe and make sense of all that has been swirling.

How did I know it was over? Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments (don’t we all), but I finally got sick of my own victimhood mentality. I reawakened a part of my life that I had cowardly buried and confronted the beast. I allowed myself to feel those emotions, I let them flood back, I talked about it (sorry Jake)…a lot. I contemplated diving back in then realized that body of water is best left where it is, undisturbed, not feared or hated but left in the past. I can continue on my journey, able to walk, healed from the wounds and hold it had on me. There are new and amazing things to discover and experience in this life. It’s beautiful and open and exactly what we make of it. Send your demons on their own way with love, without entanglement and be free!

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Getting ready for the chickens part deux

This backyard homestead has been a work in progress and all of these steps keep coming together beautifully! Granted the animals aren’t here yet so this is the easy part. We got the electric fence in the mail yesterday and the bearded one began immediately finding the perfect spot for the coop and fence!


Solar Powered electric fence is going to be the perfect way to start the off grid dream.

It was pretty easy to set up as well!

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Getting ready for the chickens

Thank God Jake is charge of the planning phase, because he is amazing at it! Here’s the work he did on the backyard to get it ready!

Drain was cleared and covered, this space always backs up and because of the mosquito issue we had last year, eradicating the standing water will hopefully help a lot! The compost bin and several piles of compost and different phases will provide fertilizer and soil!

The swing set and hammock are in the far corner away from the electric fence (more on that tomorrow!), waiting patiently for warm and here to stay weather!

and Jake finished assembling the coop yesterday! So excited to get those baby chicks! This coop smelled absolutely amazing when we opened the boxes!! We opted for The Rambler chicken coop. After extensive research Jake found the reviews, price and ease of assembly to be the motivating factors for this coop. When we move to the farm we’ll likely build some chicken tractors and a larger coop for our layers.

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Coping with the plague

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see your little ones with runny noses and glassy eyes, but that’s been the reality around our house this week, it’s spread like wildfire and we all have it except for the bearded one. I’m thankful for Western medicine but around here we exhaust all natural remedies first! Here are my go to’s with a house full of sick midgets.


Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey and water. I actually drink this on a daily basis at night before I go to bed and as soon as i wake up. When sick I drink it mid day too and notice a huge benefit, sore throat be gone. *Note, I drink it room temp, huge mason jar, acv, honey, water and shake. If you heat honey too much it destroys the benefit! Check with your pediatrician, honey isn’t safe for children under 1!


I mix 10 drops with water and chug at night before bed everyday, though when I’m sick I drink 3x throughout the day! *Please note that I’m drinking this not giving it to the kiddos, check with your pediatrician before giving to kiddos!


ELDERBERRY Syrup!  This tasty treat packs a stout Vitamin C punch and I absolutely love it! Safe for kiddos 1 and up!

Speaking of vitamin C, I take it every day along with D3 and add in the Umcka when I have had a stubborn something or other for a few days!


Tinctures are my new favorite hobby, turmeric is taken everyday! I’m impatiently awaiting this ginger, turmeric and garlic tincture to mature!!

Also try drinking Golden Milk right before bed!

Sage, I sage on a regular basis anyway but when we’re sick I sage 3x a day and in every room, scientifically proven to kill bacteria in the air, how could you not?

I also diffuse Thieves oil in every room, used in the Dark Ages to allow thieves to loot the houses of those who died from the plague safely, it helps to shorten the duration of a cold and or prevent it. I also use Frankincense and lemon on pulse points and chest, this blend can help bring down a fever in littles ones too!

Drinking plenty of water, rest and detox baths of epsom salt and baking soda are also amazing tools to help you and your family stay well and beat a cold quick!


*I am not a physician and these tips are simply bits go information that have helped me and my family, please check with your doctor before beginning any new regimen or trying natural remedies!

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Settling in to 2017


As we settle in to this new year I’m desperately trying to find stillness and calm and it is ever elusive. We cleared out about 12 trash bags of random extra stuff right after christmas and it did wonders. We continue to cull the possessions on a weekly basis and it’s liberating!

My career shifted, and while the circumstance was not ideal, it has turned into more freedom, success and happiness than I ever could have imagined. The Universe has continued to uplift and support us.

We had our first (and hopefully last) health scare with Lucy, and while febrile seizure and ER visit aside, she’s stayed in amazing spirits despite teething and being sick. Once again, Jake’s family was there to the rescue.

My dream of becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school came to fruition this week too!  I continue to plan and create and am in complete awe of all the amazingness ahead! Keep your eyes peeled for my 200 hour teacher training soon!

Jake and the big girls have been working hard on the back yard to prepare for our pending arrivals, (hint: they’re furry, cute and go peep and quack) stay tuned…

Basically, the more we pay attention to the inevitable chaos around us the more we see it, I’m fully subscribing to the adage, stop the glorification of busy. Mindfulness, calm (I know those who know me are laughing right now) and intention are our main goals. This is just the beginning of our homesteading journey and between homeschool research, livestock breeds, countless documentaries watched and books read we are still so new in this world. The call of getting back to our roots and literally going back in time is too strong to ignore and we will answer it, no matter how challenging. I have to tell you, optimism, excitement and curiosity heavily outweigh the skepticism!