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Fear and Farming



I’ve always loved this quote and the source. When I look at her work I get the sense that she was fearless, truly a pioneer! I have a sink full of dirty dishes, a bed full of laundry to fold and put away, I’m exhausted and months behind on bills, sleep and anything resembling a fully functioning adult and mum. Yet, today I spent almost the whole day building a brooder and tomorrow I’m getting chicks and ducklings. What the fuck am I thinking? I had a melt down when I walked in the door, toting two babies, bags on each shoulder and my second oldest who wasn’t supposed to let Murray in yet, did. Screaming, peeing (Murray not me), babies crying and all of the things. I had a momentary thought of “I can’t do this”, “I need help”, “I am not enough”. Then I put my big girl panties on and gave the babies a bath, calmed them and myself down, got the littles to bed and cracked a beer so I could write.

I don’t ever want fear to stop me from doing what I’m passionate about, I know there is a lot stacked against me and I’m responsible for it all! I know that I will have days like today where I can’t handle it, and I know I’ll melt down. I also know that if I don’t do this I’ll never forgive myself, I won’t be doing my best or living up to my potential! I want to make a difference, I want to share this passion and potentially ignite that same passion in others! If everyone kept backyard chickens, a garden, and or bees we could not only make a dent in the monsanto/walmart/chemical laden fake food epidemic, we could actually stop it. You’d be blown away by the amount of food you can produce in a small space and even if you grow one or two veggies you could trade with a neighbor who grew different veggies. The connection that could be fostered between ourselves and our neighbors, our food, our own health could be re-grown in no time! So, it’s more than just chicks, ducklings, a pet goat and herbs. It’s coming back to a way of life that has become so eroded and almost obsolete! So even though I’m afraid of failure, embarrassment, and losing my shit, I honestly don’t have a choice, my heart would never allow it!




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Plants and the seasons…


Have you ever been in a no man’s land? You weren’t angry or particularly unhappy but there was an insatiable craving for something other than what you had. Enough OFF to be unnerving, like somehow you weren’t doing what you were meant to be or living up to your potential or something. So, I’m there, but add some guilt, shame, and disappointment with my own expectations and impulsiveness and for someone who usually flies by the seat of her pants and doesn’t give two shits, this is uncomfortable. I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing network of friends, they’ve been kind enough to humor me and listen to my insane ramblings, the truth is that no one else can get me through this slump except for myself. It’s time to get off this loop, it’s time to stop doing the same old shit, it’s time to change.


Elizabeth Gilbert poignantly pointed out, ” I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting sick of their own bullshit.”


I spent all week cleaning house, rearranging furniture, purging, cleaning out closets, donating extra stuff and filling my home with even more plants. I cared for my garden, I slept in when I could and I probably drank way too much beer. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, I just want to let go of the blockages and find my place.

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Don’t Stop


I received my long awaited, new tarot cards in the mail today and it lit my heart on fire! Excited like a kid at Christmas I ripped the packaging open and thumbed through them! I pulled an 11 card cosmic draw and the last one hit me.


No, I didn’t forget the caps were on, it’s just that important.


There is no wrong, there is no right. Did I have to experience death, pain, betrayal, abandonment, infidelity, abuse, loneliness, hurt, anger, stress?


Lessons learned, tools garnished and a fresh path ahead.

Please don’t let fear stop you, please don’t lose your focus and please don’t ever stop wanting what you need or thinking you don’t deserve it. Strength and integrity is not housed in an Instagram feed, a hashtag, someone’s arms or in victimhood. It is forged in those small, consistent moments, often painful, often alone.

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Word of the week


I was scrolling and came across a video of two mums talking about what was actually normal, there’s no manual or unfiltered script for what is normal as a mum. They proceeded to make me feel so much better about my me-ness and when they mentioned it’s ok to cry multiple times a day and even do so in public I was immediately transported to yesterday, after school in the grocery store with my big girls. They were having meltdowns and legitimately crying over the fact I was making them eat veggies for dinner, I hadn’t even mustered the energy to cook them yet and I was already getting a kickback. I can’t remember exactly what I said to them, but the gist was, “Oh my dear God, you’re lucky you have healthy, organic food, a mum who scrapes her ish together just enough to cook and sometimes do the dishes and so many kids don’t have either!” I may have managed to speak it as opposed to scream it too! I hear a sweet voice from the check out isle next to ours say, ” You’re an awesome mom”! I fucking lost it and started balling, then Amelie did, but I think it was because she didn’t want to eat the damn mushrooms, and it hit me so hard I could barely breathe. I have been doing this whole thing on my own for a year, exactly. There aren’t tap outs, ass smacks or “Babe you did a good job tonight” at my place and to have a stranger outright compliment me pierced my heart in such a beautiful way I couldn’t hold it together anymore. I don’t even know what my response to her was, other than to put my hand on my heart and mouth thank you, while I proceeded to break down like a toddler.


How often do we call out the beautiful things we see? Do we even comprehend how merely complimenting the smallest, most insignificant thing we see can drastically change someones day or week? That sweet woman did more for me in those few words than anyone has for me in a long time! It stirred something in me, a camaraderie a connection, we have to stick together, women, mothers, feeling, breathing, caring people. Our flaws and lost shit moments are what make us human and when we start trying to cover those things up we become no more than automated robots. Let’s be open and raw, let’s be loving, let’s have each others back!

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Duck eggs, crumbled crab cakes, ​and too much sea salt

I went to the farmers market with the babies this morning and picked up the most beautiful flowers, duck eggs, salami, shitake mushrooms, and crab cakes. Almost as soon as I got home I got started on lunch, pure excitement and anticipation. I sauteed the mushrooms in butter and garlic, added a handful of spinach and let it wilt before I covered it with whisked duck eggs, it was near perfection until I went for the sea salt and dumped the whole damn thing in the pan because the lid to the cracker was unscrewed. Now, had it been another day, another month I would have lost my shit and let it ruin my day. The effort, time, money spent on lunch would have thrown me over the edge. Today, in that moment, I threw my head back and laughed. Simultaneously the crab cake I was cooking started to fall apart, despite my best efforts to keep it neat, tidy, and intact. I scratched the eggs, busted up the crab cake and cracked one single egg in the pan to make this! It was scrumptious!

Sometimes we have this elaborate plan, it’s tidy and neatly folded and the color stays in the lines but sometimes there’s an explosion of bitter salt and things fall apart and we’re left with two choices. One, absolutely lose our shit, stomp our feet and curse the skies for things not going according to our plan, or Two, we can throw our heads back, giggle, wipe the slate clean and start over. The amazing thing is the second, third, fourth or millionth time around things tend to be so much better. Easier, organic, effortless and incredibly delicious!

The groove I’ve found myself in the last few days is one of ease, I’m spring cleaning, my house and my life, cooking again, reading again, gardening again. I’m not doing it out of spite, I’m doing it out of love for myself. It feels right and kind and good.

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All the feels


I just took the big girls to see Wrinkle in Time and I cried like a baby through the whole thing! It’s coming up on a year, this time last year I was blissfully unaware that everything I knew and thought to be true was about to be shattered. I am so thankful it happened! So grateful that I’m free! I have never been alone for this long and I have never gotten to know myself until now! The faults that used to be thrown at me are now my lessons. I’ve learned to give myself the love and affection I craved and was withheld from me. I’ve created a home, rich with green plants, screaming giggly children, a rambunctious dog, and Queen size bed just for me. I have everything I used to beg for, dreamt for, and I manifested it with the help of some amazing angels and friends.


The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.- Buddha

I thrashed around in a wading pool, my toes have touched the floor and I’ve stood up. I’m ok, I survived the worst year of my life to date and despite a few crazy freakout moments here and there, I’m pretty positive the future is about to be better than anything I could have anticipated! Here, flaws and all. Loneliness, sadness, anger, frustration, betrayal, hurt, abandonment, deceit, all of these emotions that I don’t want to feel, but as soon as you acknowledge and let them wash over you they literally clean the wound and let the light in! In with the light and the love!