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I am mine


I am mine. Mine to enjoy, to learn, to be. I’m releasing the struggle to please, to cater to and sacrifice for. I’m leaning into the feelings and emotions and pain again. Open- handedly walking through this space, not grasping the good or pushing away the bad but allowing myself to feel it all. If you don’t allow yourself to feel the bad, you won’t ever fully feel the good. Still, not chasing. Present, not looking too far ahead. Finding joy in every moment possible. I feel supported and loved by my tribe.

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From now on you’re going to hear my voice, not the voice of the person I think I should be, not the voice a mum is supposed to have, not the voice someone who wants a mate is supposed to have, but mine. She says “Fuck you” a lot, she does what she wants because her intuition is rarely wrong and she doesn’t give two shits what other people think or how they see her. I have had enough of playing small, I’ve had enough of being scared and I’ve had enough of trying to be what everyone else needs. I can tell other people how to be badasses all day long but when it comes to letting my warrior goddess out, I’ve become a chicken shit. I’ve let circumstances, mistakes and wrong turns get the best of me and pull me off balance, I’ve let other peoples irrational opinions of me become my truth and I’ve allowed people to take my magic.

It stops here, I get to rewrite, so here goes.

I’m an amazing mother who loves her kids more than life itself! Am I tough on them? Yes! Do I spoil them with material stuff? No! Do they know when they’ve made bad choices or fallen short of clearly communicated expectations? FUCK YES THEY DO! My job is not to look like the perfect mom or coddle them, my job is to love, nurture and prepare them for an extremely successful life without me!

I’m a good person, imperfect, raw, vulnerable and flawed, but still good! I don’t lie, cheat, or steal. I love too hard and sometimes too quickly, I’m loyal, kind and sometimes give too much and then feel resentful afterward. The problem with me is that I can tell when something is off when someone is being dishonest, and while I can’t read minds, I know enough to know when to walk away, I haven’t listened to that voice on three occasions and they all ended disastrously!

I’m strong, despite not having the family support system that most people have and even despite having that thrown in my face, I always seem to figure it out anyway. I’m fortunate enough to have a network of beautiful, wholehearted, caring people and it’s amazing! I’m strong because giving up or giving in just isn’t an option for me. I get deflated and exhausted as much as the next person but deep down, I’ve always felt lucky.  I’ve been hurt, pushed and harassed enough in the last year to cover me for the rest of my life, I’ve almost given up a few times too. The thing is when a good, loyal person is pushed to that point and they get up, you had better run. No more smallness, no more wishy-washy people pleasing and no, I don’t care what you think!

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I’m not sure why but I thought I’d be further along on this reconstruction than I am. That’s what this whole past year has been, demolition after demolition, breaking down thought processes, memories, beliefs, “truths”. So much growth, with so many balls in the air and so many people counting on me, has taken its toll and honestly, all I feel right now is exhaustion.

On my bad days, this has just been a tough week, I allow myself to focus on the stress, strain and the seemingly impossible task of being everything to my children, focusing on work and having a sliver left over for myself. On my bad days, I feel overwhelmed and I give in to fear, sadness, loneliness, and anger. It’s a struggle raising 4 kids with a willing and helpful partner, let alone trying to accomplish the long list solo. The fear tells me I’m not enough for my fairies, that I’m not that great of a yoga teacher despite loving it, that I’m unworthy of the affection I seek, that I’ll never make all the crazy ideas in my head a reality and that I take on too much.

A year ago I spent the day sobbing, my partner at the time had conveniently picked my birthday to start a fight, this wasn’t unusual, and it lasted all day, it was a way to escape having to do anything nice for me and expertly throw it in my face. It was a way to drain and deplete me until I had no power left to argue or struggle, I went to bed without even eating dinner. I’ve been dreading tomorrow for a while now, it brings back so many memories of shitty birthdays past, and reminds me that I’m running out of time, it reminds me I’m alone.

Now for the rebuild, even though I’m rundown, I recognize the amazing people, opportunities, and gifts! I see how far I’ve come and what I’ve had to wade through to get here. To some people, it may seem like pure madness but there is always a method behind it, even if I can see every step, I feel protected and guided. In the past two months, so many things have changed and the future, while unknown, feels bigger and brighter than I could have ever dreamed of and I think, I feel, it only gets better from here.

The bad days happen, sometimes the fear gets out of the corner without asking, and sometimes life surprises you.

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Sunflour epiphany

I may have just witnessed something that cracked me! I’m celebrating my birthday this week and my favorite spot, Sunflour bakery, sent me a free pastry coupon! I happily accepted! While shoving my ginormous, flaky, powdered sugar covered confection in my mouth I was privy to something so sweet it almost brought me to tears. Mind you, being plastered with powdered sugar all over my face was probably enough to embarrass me, I didn’t want to break down too, but I almost did!

A woman, clearly out of her mind intoxicated, sat, well hunched, actually it was more of a hunch and occasional bob, girlfriend was feeling good, trying to eat lunch. Her partner, attentively trying to keep her from falling over or spilling water all over herself just looked at her adoringly. This is completely foreign to me, it was almost as if I was in one of those movies, what was that Brendan Frazier movie where he grew up in an underground bunker and didn’t understand sarcasm?! I felt like that, and the joke was on me! She wasn’t consumed with guilt for her condition or behavior, she just was, being present, in the moment, shitfaced at 2:30 in the afternoon, eating a sandwich. And he, wasn’t judging her, wasn’t being mean or embarrassed, he just was, being present, in the moment, watching his person trying to drunkenly eat her sandwich. When the sandwiches were eaten, they got up, did a little dance together, she even fixed his coat, then they waltzed out hand in hand, smiling at each other.

Now I’m not saying I want to be shitfaced at 2:30 shoving a sandwich in my mouth while my partner looks at me, I am saying my heart fluttered at the possibility that anyone could love me that unconditionally, or be willing to be that present with me!

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New Adventure


I’m busting at the seams to announce this new adventure! I’m leading the yoga program at Stax and I couldn’t be happier about it! 13 classes a week, keeping things simple, focusing on amazing yoga and our students! We have two beautiful studios, one heated one not, a gorgeous lobby, showers so you can come early before work, sweat and and be on your way! Stax is your one stop shop for all things wellness, keep your body strong with Crossfit, your body and mind flexible with yoga, and relax with Thai massage! Your first class is free and the magic kicks off 12/12 at 7:45 PM for Deep Stretch!

Enter through the side entrance under the StaxCryo sign!

StaxYoga Charlotte, 3722 S Tryon St Charlotte NC 28217

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Full moon rant

Maybe it’s the moon, the homemade pizza, beers, or time with all my little women but this month, day even hour seems raw to me. So beautiful, haunting and stirring all at the same time! I shed tears over making pizza and laughed when Sam made a huge mess, giggling while stuffing her face full of sauce and cheese. Here’s the deal, I’m tired, lonely, and incredibly sad! I have hope but that beautiful, manly hope is two hours away and brand new!

Why am I manifesting perfect men that are not here?! They each get better and closer but not here?! So the question I’m asking myself, am I honoring my need for space?! Or am I feeding my unworthiness vice?! And how the fuck do I know the difference between the two?

I fell hard after my split only to be cheated on and lied to by another, then was swept off my feet by a handsome stranger in passing, and now, my heart has been captivated and pulled completely, but there’s distance still. The moon is bewitching tonight, so I sit, on my porch, drinking my beer with Buddha and listen to the nights secrets. I’m no closer to figuring out what I’m doing but at least there has come a gentle ease, a releasing of fear. This life, these experiences are exactly what we need, dare say, what we created. Not convenient, not easy, but still blisteringly divine!

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Drop it off


Like shedding snake skin, these things that happen naturally are meant. The mindset that the things destined for us will find us and the things that are meant to be short pit stops are there only to teach us a lesson, once they’re learned we can get back on the road is comforting. As humans, we get caught up in knowing why, when and how things have happened, are and will happen. This is our nature, it isn’t good or bad, it just is, there is hope to break the chains of fear, lean in and tap into love.

Lately, it’s been challenging for me to release, to let things be as they are and to let go of the death grip of control. None of us is in control, we’re literally tiny specs on a spinning planet, that’s floating in a galaxy, among trillions of other planets, we aren’t that special. Yet we have such great potential to touch others, to create warmth, connection, a safe space and to become a catalyst of hope. When we go that broad and general, somehow it all feels easier, gentler, happier.

So when your life feels like it’s falling apart (I’m an expert in this) and you feel like you simply will not make it, remember that you always have, and that’s a pretty good sign that you always will. Lighten the load, take off what you’re unnecessarily carrying, shed the skin, give yourself a pep talk and go find the magic! (If all of that sounds crazy, close your eyes, think of what makes you happy, note I didn’t say who, and go do that!)

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Timing is one of those things I’ve always been hyper-aware of. I’ve always rushed it too. If it wasn’t on my time then I didn’t want it or I allowed it to frustrate me to the point of exhaustion, I still catch myself there sometimes!

I saw a wreck the other day, everyone walked away, but I saw it happen, those split seconds before impact is torturous, hoping they can correct or fix their trajectory before the crash and being utterly hopeless in any of it. I’m sure many of my friends have felt this way while watching my life, I know I’ve felt this about observing others. Ultimately we survive, we may get banged up, bruised or worse but there is always something after, even in death.

I’m becoming so enthralled with finding happiness and joy that I’m attempting to allow the timing of that happiness become irrelevant. Feeling waves of bliss and gratitude allow bigger and more frequent waves of bliss and gratitude!Is this easy? Absolutely not! Totally worth it though! The emotions and stress have started to settle, yes I’ve done a lot of numbing but I’ve done even more feeling and healing! This time of year always brings up future, reflecting on what you’ve been through but more importantly what you’d like to manifest and create for the year to come.

Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Ease, Love, and Health!

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Ick season and how Elderberry Syrup can help!


I’m sure you’ve all seen me posting about elderberry syrup. I’m in love with the stuff, but it never really occurred to me that most people have no idea what it is, how to take it and why you would even want to. So here goes:

Elderberry syrup is packed with high levels of vitamin C (lowers blood pressure and boost immune system), vitamin A (healthy eyes, teeth, hair, and skin), bioflavonoids (help maximize vitamin C absorption) and antioxidants (supports immune, respiratory, and nervous system functions)!

Elderberry Syrup helps balance blood sugar levels!

Elderberry is a natural diuretic and laxative!

Elderberry helps to shorten the duration of a cold or the flu with its high levels of anthocyanidins (found in berries, this antioxidant helps keep the nervous system, blood vessels and eyesight healthy)!

Elderberry syrup contains high levels of anti-carcinogens!

My elderberry syrup also contains echinacea (anti-inflammatory, immune booster, respiratory system booster and powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties), Ginger (immune booster, anti-inflammatory, and digestive health), and local honey (boosts immune system, anti-fungal, bacterial, and viral properties, anti-carcinogen, helps support proper gut health)

Basically, elderberry syrup is a magical witch’s brew that not only shortens any sickness but used daily will help prevent you from even getting sick. preventative maintenance in the form of an elevated kidney, immune, nervous system function, and anti-aging benefits sounds like my cup of tea….er syrup!

I take 1 tsp daily when well and 1 tbs up to 3 times a day when sick!

You can find yours here (please note I sell only local, my elderberry syrup is 100% organic and must be refrigerated):

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I’m not even sure how to start or finish this and maybe that’s telling, but here it is. I am no stranger to abuse: neglect, abandonment, rape, loss, pain and trouble. I honestly don’t think anyone is. The problem is these words are too familiar, I’m sure they get their fair share of throwing around, but I’m even more sure they get their fair share of silence. I have never considered myself the silent, meek type by any stretch, and now that I’m raising four women you better be damned sure I’m outspoken about this,  but when my former employer grabbed my ass and thrust himself into my back, all in the name of honoring “the culture” of yoga, I about lost my shit. I’ve practiced yoga for 20, TWENTY, years, and taught it for almost 10, that happened to me in my SACRED space, on my mat. To add insult to injury I was fired for standing up, calling him out on his shit and drawing a line.


The problem is, that when it happened, I WAS silent. I immediately texted my partner of 5 years, and no surprise he wasn’t riled enough to come to my aid, my co workers were helpful but nothing happened, NOTHING HAPPENED TO HIM. There wasn’t a black hole to eat him up, he wasn’t arrested, he wasn’t even charged. NOTHING HAPPENED. Meanwhile in the months that followed, I watch my entire life implode, my career, my self worth, my life’s work, my marriage, my relationship to everything I had built and known, up to that point, no longer existed. Forget the fact that I was already a mother of 4, my youngest was only 4 months old, and I was suffering cruelly from postpartum  depression, perhaps I was an easy target. When he grabbed me, he awoke a beast, a goddess, akin to Kali, he crossed a line and that line, no matter how tired, depressed and exhausted I am, will be defended to the end. He’s no different though, Weinstein, Trump, insert any and every douche bag narcissist you’ve ever encountered in your life, they are all the same. They have different names, but are no different.


I have to tell you I’m tired of hearing “ME TOO”, the more appropriate thing to say is “who hasn’t” and that’s sad. We are giving up on our friends, we are giving up on our women, and we are giving up on raising our boys into real men, men that acknowledge vulnerability and honesty and realness as attributes.

So enough of the “me too” and enough of the ” who hasn’t”!!!


I’m going to tell you how, by not being silent. By being brave, by saying no, by not sweeping it under the rug and by not allowing “locker room talk”! We raise our women strong, knowing how awesome and beautiful and worthy they are, and raising our men to also be kind and compassionate and vulnerable and by being honest ourselves! That’s how change happens. You stop allowing the things that start the landslide, it’s steep and fast and it takes your soul with it!