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The amazingness that is Aldi

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Aldi blog post

I’ve been thinking about starting meal planning for a while now, and by thinking about, I mean scouring Pinterest and drooling. Part of my New years non resolutions is allowing myself some space, to do what I need to do without judgement from my harshest critic, myself. So today really felt like a great day to take some of those pins and actually make a plan with them, so then I can eat and drool and the same time. The hubs and I went to Aldi a few weeks ago, it was my first trip, and were blown away by how much food we got and how much money we saved, I got so excited about stocking the pantry I totally forgot to take picks but this trip was practically the same awesome story! Jake and I share everything which is awesome, it’s something he was adamant about in the beginning, 50/50 keeps things honest, simple and guilt free, it’s just easier, so these shopping trips are even more economical! Our family of four (and a half) just snagged groceries that will last us probably two weeks if not longer for just under $120, that’s $60 each and it’s awesome! I still have to get a few things from the teet but it’s rotisserie chicken (they’re 4.99 a piece!!!) night there so it won’t add up to more than $20. There’s tons of organic, healthy, great tasting stuff in our kitchen too, which makes me ecstatic! I try to eat mainly organic, fresh, and local but it’s just impossible to be 100%, all the time and fit in our budget, so we just do what we can, with what we have, when we can. Here are the meal plans this week…

5 ingredient Broccoli cheddar soup,

Chicken Parm,

Chicken Broccoli Casserole,

Baked Spaghetti, This is my Mother in law’s recipe and I’ll follow up with a blog post later this week! Stay tuned for more recipes ; )

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