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Meet the chicks

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We got our chickens in February and already they’ve grown so fast! We managed to keep 12 out of 13 alive and healthy, which for first time chicken farmers is a feat! So, here they are…

Marigold….I mean Marty. Yep, she’s a man baby! Marty is a handsome wellsummer rooster that I’m hoping to convince the bearded one to let us keep!!



A sweet Rhode Island Red, she’s the curious one!


Joan Jett

This skittish Barred Rock is hilarious and loves to climb the coop!



Just as flighty as her name sake, Luna is a golden laced wyandotte.


Hermione, Luna’s sister, is absolutely Gorgeous!


Violet is a sweet little blue wyandotte, she’s super shy.


Lavender is her sister and has the same temperament, sweet but a scardy cat!


Whoopi is a super funny Black Australorp, she’s friendly and huge!!!


Queen Latifah is probably my favorite, she’s the largest in the flock and friendly enough to let you pick her up!


Cheeks, is everyone’s favorite, she friendly, curious, and hilarious all in one, she an Americauna, and will lay gorgeous blue eggs!


Fluffy is Cheeks sister and the prettiest in the flock, she almost looks like a hawk.


and last and least (only because she’s the smallest) Little Rosie, she’s a pretty wellsummer and still has her cute baby chick fuzz!


So excited for our girls to start laying!

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