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Winter break, the belly and who bread

It’s a ridiculously cold, dreary Monday and the absolute only thing i wanted to do was sit on the couch, knit, and watch White Christmas, it didn’t happen. I got to sleep in which was awesome but from the moment I got up I felt like i was playing catch up. We made a yummy breakfast but I felt like by the time I got the kitchen cleaned it was time for lunch. Ever have those days that run together? It’s a blur of have to do’s and need to do’s, and by the time you turn around it’s bedtime and none of the want to do’s got done. So I decided to add to the kitchen mess and make who bread. It always puts me in a good mood and the midgets love it, the best thing is that it’s easy! I’m not the best cook at all, the timing gets me but with most baking there’s tons of time and wiggle room if there isn’t.




I got this recipe off Amanda Blake Soule’s blog and it and she is fabulous! Here’s the link:

Now the kids and the belly are full of yummy who bread, my kitchen is a mess and the presents I swore I’d wrap are, well, not. I’ll get to it tomorrow…..Off to teach at Y2 tonight at 7 then come home to snuggle with my exhausted hubby.