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Intuitive Readings


Have you ever had the desire to cut through the bullshit, make sense of the present and set a course for creating the future of your dreams? I combine my energy work, mediumship, angel tarot cards, crystals, yoga, self-care, astrological knowledge and life experience to guide you. Whether it be through breakups, breakdowns, shitstorms or simply needing a pep talk or tune-up, I am a neutral, unbiased source!


What to expect in a session?

No two people or situations are alike, therefore it’s impossible to describe exactly what things will end up looking like. You can expect discussion time, here you will chat about what’s in your heart and mind. Next is processing, this is where I draw on my gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, and intuition. I use many tools in this piece of the puzzle and listen to what’s needed for your higher good. Finally, charting a course, together we will create a plan to guide you through the life of your dreams!

60 minute session: $150