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Paying Attention

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For the first time, in a long time, I’m paying attention to what’s going on. In my head, my heart and my soul. Sometimes the timing is off, or signs that once led you places quickly take you away and the listening to those signs is often heartbreaking. I’m learning to cherish the experiences as they happen, to allow them to slip through my fingers without grasping and above all to love freely. My freedom is the most important thing to me and having just been given the gift of it, I will never sign it over again. So, I continue trudging on, unpacking my life and growing my roots, loving my fairies hard in the process!

Author: redyogimom

I'm a mom, yogi, lover, artist, wanderer, reader, student, teacher, writer, traveler, searcher, lover of music, experience and light. I have no filter and refuse to grow one, I'm raw, honest, vulnerable and ecstatically happy.

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