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Mother Earth News Fair Weekend

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Our weekend was so much fun, overwhelming, cold, rainy, beautiful and sunny, lots of walking, a few meltdowns ( I have to claim a few), friends, animals, role models met and everything in between.

Friday we drove up early to walk around Asheville, get into the hotel and gear up for a busy Fair!

Sierra Nevada brewery blew us away! It was only a few minutes from the hotel and absolutely gorgeous! The food was all local and farm to table. The beer wasn’t too bad either haha. Go and get the duck fries, you won’t be disappointed!

Taproot! This was my favorite part of the weekend, I could have stayed in that tent forever! I’ve been a long time reader of the magazine and follower of Soulemama (I was too star struck to get a pic) and it was so awesome to spend time in the cozy space they created! Saturday was a rainy, messy day and we missed Kristen Shockey’s Kraut workshop but I was so excited to catch her talk on homeschooling on the homestead, I’m stoked and ready for this new adventure we’re taking our family on! The big girls got to weave on the loom and dye with indigo, and we all got to drool over Fern Fiber’s beautiful yarn!

Shenanigans, a hotel room with 4 kids and tired parents….

These nuggets really learned a lot, despite some attitudes, complaints and selective hearing issues we enjoyed spending the weekend learning, experiencing and immersing ourselves in homesteading.

The big girls got to take workshops all weekend too, Pat Foreman was so kind to spend time educating them on chickens, from egg all the way to table! They kept begging to bring a goat or two home!


Goose met a beautiful Mini Jersey cow.


Jake got to meet Joel Salatin, Jake’s been reading and following Polyface farms for quiet a while so it was inspiring to meet such a role model and listen to his lectures!

The ride home was gorgeous, we stopped in Saluda for a bite and Greys Cafe delivered! This farm to table was the perfect bookend to our weekend! Can’ wait for next year, we’ll already have our farm and will hopefully bring some furry friends back home with us too!

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