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Baked Chicken and rice/quinoa stuffed acorn squash

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I like simple, bacon grease and greens so thats how this all started.

Our cast iron was gifted to us by my dear friend Cat and it’s heavily used! It typically sits atop the stove with goodies in it, i.e. bacon grease. I seared and seasoned the chicken thighs in said grease in said cast iron and them placed them on the bed of mixed greens in a huge pyrex with a healthy dollop of grass-fed butter on each.

Next I topped them with shredded cheese, threw in some cherry tomatoes I had lying around and drizzled it all with a little olive oil. In the oven it went at 425, I wish I could tell you for how long but a good while will suffice!


Next the Acorn squash! I had some left over rice and quinoa mix in the fridge from the other night so I figured it would be good to use it up! I sliced the squash, drizzled with oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and into the same oven with the chicken it went!

It was right about now that I completely remembered I forgot to add garlic to my chicken, if you know the bearded one, you know that just won’t do. I chopped some and sautéed it in the cast iron and poured over the chicken and tossed it back in.

Ok, squash is done, pulled it out, stuffed it, topped it with cheese and popped it back in until everything was all hot and melted!

It miraculously all came out at the same time and ended up super yummy! The greens actually turned into a crunchy garnish and I have to say I liked it!


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