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Coping with the plague

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It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see your little ones with runny noses and glassy eyes, but that’s been the reality around our house this week, it’s spread like wildfire and we all have it except for the bearded one. I’m thankful for Western medicine but around here we exhaust all natural remedies first! Here are my go to’s with a house full of sick midgets.


Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey and water. I actually drink this on a daily basis at night before I go to bed and as soon as i wake up. When sick I drink it mid day too and notice a huge benefit, sore throat be gone. *Note, I drink it room temp, huge mason jar, acv, honey, water and shake. If you heat honey too much it destroys the benefit! Check with your pediatrician, honey isn’t safe for children under 1!


I mix 10 drops with water and chug at night before bed everyday, though when I’m sick I drink 3x throughout the day! *Please note that I’m drinking this not giving it to the kiddos, check with your pediatrician before giving to kiddos!


ELDERBERRY Syrup!  This tasty treat packs a stout Vitamin C punch and I absolutely love it! Safe for kiddos 1 and up!

Speaking of vitamin C, I take it every day along with D3 and add in the Umcka when I have had a stubborn something or other for a few days!


Tinctures are my new favorite hobby, turmeric is taken everyday! I’m impatiently awaiting this ginger, turmeric and garlic tincture to mature!!

Also try drinking Golden Milk right before bed!

Sage, I sage on a regular basis anyway but when we’re sick I sage 3x a day and in every room, scientifically proven to kill bacteria in the air, how could you not?

I also diffuse Thieves oil in every room, used in the Dark Ages to allow thieves to loot the houses of those who died from the plague safely, it helps to shorten the duration of a cold and or prevent it. I also use Frankincense and lemon on pulse points and chest, this blend can help bring down a fever in littles ones too!

Drinking plenty of water, rest and detox baths of epsom salt and baking soda are also amazing tools to help you and your family stay well and beat a cold quick!


*I am not a physician and these tips are simply bits go information that have helped me and my family, please check with your doctor before beginning any new regimen or trying natural remedies!

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