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Settling in to 2017

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As we settle in to this new year I’m desperately trying to find stillness and calm and it is ever elusive. We cleared out about 12 trash bags of random extra stuff right after christmas and it did wonders. We continue to cull the possessions on a weekly basis and it’s liberating!

My career shifted, and while the circumstance was not ideal, it has turned into more freedom, success and happiness than I ever could have imagined. The Universe has continued to uplift and support us.

We had our first (and hopefully last) health scare with Lucy, and while febrile seizure and ER visit aside, she’s stayed in amazing spirits despite teething and being sick. Once again, Jake’s family was there to the rescue.

My dream of becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school came to fruition this week too!  I continue to plan and create and am in complete awe of all the amazingness ahead! Keep your eyes peeled for my 200 hour teacher training soon!

Jake and the big girls have been working hard on the back yard to prepare for our pending arrivals, (hint: they’re furry, cute and go peep and quack) stay tuned…

Basically, the more we pay attention to the inevitable chaos around us the more we see it, I’m fully subscribing to the adage, stop the glorification of busy. Mindfulness, calm (I know those who know me are laughing right now) and intention are our main goals. This is just the beginning of our homesteading journey and between homeschool research, livestock breeds, countless documentaries watched and books read we are still so new in this world. The call of getting back to our roots and literally going back in time is too strong to ignore and we will answer it, no matter how challenging. I have to tell you, optimism, excitement and curiosity heavily outweigh the skepticism!

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