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Apple fest

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Apples are my favorite, I love picking them, eating them, juicing them and most of all making apple sauce! Hendersonville hosts the NC apple festival every year and we thought it would be great to take the little girls and Jake’s mum while the big kids are in school, less out numbered that way!

It was absolute perfect weather despite what was happening on the coast, cool, crisp and a tad windy so it felt just like fall. We got into town just in time for lunch and stopped by Hannah Flannigans for a Guiness and some shepherds pie, go! It was the best I’ve ever had! dsc_0161

Goose admired our lunch from afar, even though we offered her fish and chips…

Jake bought a Geod, they cracked them in front of us, the first one didn’t open evenly so this was the second go round and it’s gorgeous!

Lucy had a blast, wouldn’t let go of her apple and actually ate an apple turn over! (ok, just a little bite)


We even ran into Barney ; )


I, of course, found a crystal shop, I got this gorgeous piece of selenite, a peridot necklace and a tumbled Prasiolite! Super excited to go next back next year!

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