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Favorite Things: Baby editor part 2…err 4

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Samantha is baby number 4, or the littlest goddess, or the second of the little girls, I like to call her piglet, she’s little, pink and grunts like a pig, naturally it  fits. Having four kids is definitely exhausting fabulous work, and over the years you find things that just make the job easier, so here’s the list.


Breast feed, bottle feed, formal feed, I’ve done it all and you just have to listen to your body and your baby as to which, if not all of them, work for you. All of my littles have started out as breastfed and I’ve been lucky enough to get at least 6 months of exclusive breastmilk in them, my supply pooped out with 2 and 3, so I needed to supplement with formula, and they survived just fine. Bottom line, please don’t beat yourself up, we’re all just doing the best we can! Here are my favorite feeding supplies…



Medela Pump

Best pump around, I’ve owned two, one with the big girls and after I found out I was pregnant with Lucy it was the natural choice! Attachments are easily replaced, easy to clean and it’s super reliable!


Poppy Pillow

Wether you’re breast or bottle feeding these are amazing, you don’t realize how tense you are until you have help supporting your little one, your neck and shoulders will thank you!

Life Factory Bottles

Love love love these! Lucy uses them (i got the sappy cup top for her, though she has no interest using it yet) in the 9 oz and I got Sam the smaller 4oz. Fun colors, dishwasher safe and it’s glass so it’s eco friendly!



I’ve used these binkies with all 4 but since Lucy is still using them we opted for these super cute bear shaped soothes so we can tell who’s is who’s.



Gripe Water

Trust me, just get it. No matter how careful you are about your diet, burping the kid, massaging their bellies, they get gas, and it’s painful to see (hear). This stuff is gold!!

Nursing tops

I absolutely adore Old navy, cute, functional and cheap. I got my entire maternity wardrobe on sale and for less than $100 (shorts, tanks, dresses, tops, jeans, and nursing stuff) That said, don’t buy expensive nursing bras, I wear sports bras, I comb the clearance rack at Marshalls and for $10 it sure beats the super expensive alternatives! These two tops pictured are from old navy, the striped one is a sleeping cami I got for $12 and the black criss cross is perfect for wearing out, I got 4 of them in different colors because they’re so comfy!


Earth Best

Seventh Generation


We use all three of these interchangeably, we check prices on,, and and whichever is the best bang for the buck we go for. All are chlorine free and as eco friendly as possible, most importantly gentle on the newborn tush.


Baby wearing isn’t for everyone though it has made life so much easier and better for us. Our babies love it, we have free hands, it’s a win win. The Baby Bjorn has worked best as Lucy has gotten older, when she could hold her head up and move more independently. I used the Moby wrap with Lucy as a newborn and now Sam is enjoying it!



Snuggle nest

We co-sleep, again, not for everyone, but it works for us. We get more sleep, Lucy gets sleep, unless she’s the one keeping us up, it’s amazing! This makes it easier and offers a lot more peace of mind!

Cuteness overload 


Trumpet socks

Cutest socks ever…they make them for boys too ; )


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