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Pregnant Thoughts

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Random pregnant thoughts….

I honestly wonder if this is just my new mood? Tired, hot, swollen, annoyed, hungry and angry.

I have completely forgotten what my body “normally” feels like.

I think I’ve been pregnant for 3 complete years.

I wonder if the baby is going to come out addicted to ice cream, at the rate I’ve been devouring pints the poor thing is going to into withdrawals.

I feel really lonely.

I hate feeling frustrated and angry and seriously can’t wait until I get my placenta pills!

I feel really huge!

I just sneezed and peed myself and pulled a muscle, and I’m not kidding.

I can’t sleep or breathe and the heartburn is starting to kick in again so when I pretend to sleep I have to do it sitting up which is no fun!

Canckles are a real thing!

I miss my yoga practice.

I would love to be able to roll on my stomach, or roll over in bed and not be winded for that matter.

I want to take a nap.

I read somewhere that thinking of three things you’re thankful for for 21 days can rewire your brain to be happy so here goes….

I love feeling baby Sam move, it makes all of the discomfort worth it!

I am extremely lucky that I’ve been able to continue working!

I have a very patient husband, I’ve never seen a man do more for his family!




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