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Dreams and Manifesting…




If you’ve spoken to me in the last week or two then this is no surprise, but one of my favorite ways to manifest things is by talking about them as if they are already happening. Let me share what’s going on in our world.


Jake inherited his green thumb from his Papa, along with a lot of hard work! In every house we’ve shared we’ve had things growing, wether it was small or larger scale, we even had a community garden plot that was so much fun to maintain! It’s no surprise that we’ve outgrown our house, but we’ve also outgrown our garden and can’t wait to find a farmhouse, move to the country and become self sufficient! Jake’s already taking classes to get his sustainable farming degree and I’m raiding pinterest like it’s my job. The thing is we have actually found the perfect place, that’s the hard part! It’s close, huge, full of character and the land is calling us. Universe has never led us astray and we’re no strangers to hard work so let both continue to make our dream a reality!

manifestation crystal grid


You know I brought my crystals in to help too! The center cluster is made up of selenite, pyrite, green aventurine, tigers eye, citrine and kyanite. Clear quartz crystal points scattered through out the grid help to strengthen the energy of the other crystals, I dos places 3 small hematite stone outside the center cluster for grounding and stability. The outside stones are made up of zoisite, bloodstone, jade, celestite, red jasper, shungite, and apatite.


Ok, all of this is true and real, here’s the manifesting part….

We bought a beautiful farm house with plenty of room for our girls and animals. The land is turning into a lush garden that happily supports our family through out the year. Jake’s garden continues to grow and evolve. Our goats produce tons of yummy milk, we are having so much fun making cheese, soap and bath products from their milk. Our chickens are laying beautiful, delicious eggs for us everyday and our bees are busily making honey for us and helping to pollinate our veggie, fruit and flower gardens. All of our animals are healthy. Our family is so happy and truly blessed to have this homestead, it allows us to relearn all of those amazing skills that being lost today, we are able to slow down and enjoy the simple, small things in life. Jake and I are able to follow our dreams, passions and callings. We are able to give back and help others, we are giving our girls invaluable lessons and life experiences surrounded by a community of like minded people.


And this is our dream, it has been for a while, and we’re making it happen!



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2 thoughts on “Dreams and Manifesting…

  1. Where is Jake going for the Sustainable Farming degree? I am interested. Love your blog!

    • Hey Lauren! Thank you So sorry for the delayed response, it’s been crazy pants around here! Right now Jake is taking online classes at University of Massachusetts, stockbridge school of agriculture! He loves it!

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