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Traveled up the Mountain for the Highland Games

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The Highland games have always interested me but for some reason I’ve never made it. This year it actually happened and it was an experience!!! The drive to Grandfather Mountain was great, mountain views just make me happy! We parked at a high school and buses shuttled us up the mountain. It was cool and breezy so I packed my sweatshirt and left the sunscreen (terrible idea!!!!) and on the bus the family went.


There was a crazy storm the night before that had apparently affected the wifi so standing in line for almost an hour to buy tickets was a disaster but Jake’s mum saved the day! I ran into My Lumberton Masters family and learned I belong to clan Buchanan. I’ve loved studying genealogy, and have followed the Dwyer and Shauncey side of the family but look forward to researching the Masters side even more!


We found Jake’s clan, the Davidson clan! The leaders live in Charlotte so they filled us in on all the upcoming events. I have to confess I just want him to join the society so I can see him in a kilt ; )


We got to check out the sheep herding and there was an adorable sheep dog named Lucy who was super attached to her ducks, no interest what so ever with the sheep!


Overall it was a blast, food, music pipes and tons of fun!


Note to self for next year.

  1. Bring cash
  2. Wear tons of sunscreen, I swear I got 2nd degree burns
  3. Pack lunch
  4. Backpacks

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