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Word Wednesday and the Friday list

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Life has been in flux, it always is. All of the changes have honestly been fabulous ones, but I’m feeling that overwhelming sense that I’ve over done it. I usually get that. I get excited, I say yes, yes,yes and then I get stressed. The thing is, there is nothing in my life I don’t like, other than lack of time. So here’s the powerful change I’m seeking. The ability to say no, the ability to remain grounded, steady and firm, no matter who is around me or what is going on. That magic, is the good kind, the keeping kind. I highly doubt I’ll be back in blog land by Friday so here’s the list too. A repriortization, Yes, I just made up a word (incentivize, was a word we made up this past weekend so I’m on a roll and in good company), a promise, and I will do my best to keep it.


  1. Family comes first, my husband, our kids, our animals. (DATE NIGHTS!!!! At least once a month!)
  2. Schedule, I will be with my family Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights…no matter what!
  3. Work, I’m so blessed to do what I love! I teach yoga, I offer thai massage, reiki, reiki trainings, yoga trainings, I manage a beautiful spa in plaza midwood: Me Boutique and I work for the most amazing yoga clothing company: Haven. When it is work time, I will give 100% and I will be content with the work I put in because I know it’s my best.
  4. Self care, I will give myself at least one massage, one pedicure and one facial a month, this is not a frivolous use of time, this is not a luxury, this is allowing me to accomplish all that I have on my plate with a level head, it’s self preservation. When I don’t practice proper self care, I’m grumpy, stressed out, and bitter.
  5. Socialization, I have to have girl time. I must also exercise balance, too much spreads me thin and drains me and too little makes me feel left out and disconnected.

This list probably seems very basic and common-sensical, but in the throws of motherhood, wifedom and work, the lines blurr, I feel like I’m being tossed under waves and that my batons are juggling me. We all feel this from time to time I’m sure, but it should never be a normal way of life. Re-balancing is in order and I’m feeling excited!

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I'm a mom, yogi, lover, artist, wanderer, reader, student, teacher, writer, traveler, searcher, lover of music, experience and light. I have no filter and refuse to grow one, I'm raw, honest, vulnerable and ecstatically happy.

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