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Word Wednesday….and I read a book cover to cover!

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(n) a lover of books.

If you could teleport yourself into my room, the first thing you’d notice is the ginormous bookshelf filled to the brim that takes of 3/4 of our tiny room (there Jake, I finally said it and you now have proof)! I love books! I always have and suppose I always will, one thing I’m short on is time. So while I have grand intentions of settling i a cozy chair and having the peace and quiet to actually read a book, it rarely happens, and never like that. It’s usually a few stolen moments before bed right before my eyes slam shut or on the toilet (little fingers under the door and all). Recently we got to take a family vacation and it was absolutely amazing! No alarms, phone calls or texts, all the important people were right there! Most importantly though I managed to read a book cover to cover!


Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed was a great read, I’ve actually had the book for years, sitting on that huge bookcase and have only just now picked it up. She takes us on a journey through the year leading up to her forced wedding (she does love the man though) so she can be with her beloved. It ruffled a lot for me. After a failed marriage I think anyone takes their time to answer some questions, to think and it allowed me a new set of eyes, seeing new perspectives on what marriage even is.

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