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Favorite Things: Baby Edition

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Sweet Lucy is my third and while I’m certainly not an expert, I’ve picked up a few things along the way. Less is more, though it’s not what society or the baby market will tell you. I’ve made a list of my favorite things, so here it is…


Ok so you just gave birth to your bundle of joy and it’s time to go home….


Carseat/stroller combo: Baby Trend car seat and stroller

I need easy, functional, safe and cute, and here it is, we bought two bases for the car seat so Jake has one in his jeep too and it’s no fuss! The stroller is easy to unfold and fold up, fits in the minivan trunk too which is a miracle!


Wrap: Moby Wrap

I absolutely love this wrap, I think it’s my single favorite baby thing. It makes everything easier, baby is next to your heart and you have both hands. It’s a breeze to learn how to wrap it too!



Co-sleep: Snuggle nest

This is fabulous! Lucy has a crib but we just wanted her close, it makes midnight feedings so much less jolting and we all sleep better! This takes away some of the fear of rolling over on your little and keeps them at an arms length!


Breast Pump: Medela

The best pump on the market, it’s powerful, the bottles and nipples that come with it are the best too, I’ve tried a ton of different bottles that are supposed to be amazing and all of them fell short.



Binky: Soothie

We are in serious trouble if we lose this guy. It’s one piece so there’s no fear of a choking hazard, it’s perfect!


Gas: Hyland’s gas drops

These are a life saver, homeopathic, all natural and they work extremely fast!! They also make teething drops and gel!!


Teething necklaces/bracelets: Little Pokadee

We just ordered Lucy’s a few weeks ago and love it, she’s still so little that I wanted to get an bracelet instead of a necklace for now and it’s perfect. She makes everything by hand and is in the states! Shop local!



Swaddler: Swaddle designs

Soft, organic, and breathable, all you could possibly ask for in a blanket, we have a million of these!


Diapers/wipes: Babyganics

We tried Honest, pampers, huggies and they all leaked or broke Lucy out! Theses are hands down the best! A close second are Seventh generation diapers and wipes, I’ll get them if the store is out of babyganics but the diapers tend to be a little stiff comparatively, seventh gen wipes rock though!


Diaper disposal: Baby Trend

There are a billion diaper disposals on the market but I love this one because you can use any bag not just specifically designed (and also specifically expensive) refills. The downside is it gets full quickly and hard to open and shut, but you’re going to want to empty the bag frequently because of the smell….plus, it looks like r2d2 ; )






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