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Bangin’ Hummus

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So I’m one of the least organized, least detail oriented person I know. I absolutely love to bake and cook though, which is not always something to write home about, but it’s fun!  I’ve been trying to shift my palette to much more healthy things, I kind of got stuck in the rut of convenience and cheapness when it comes to food and that’s just never good. One of my Favorite go to snacks has always been hummus though. It’s easy, versatile, you can add all kinds of things to it, eat it with veggies, pita or tortilla chips, it’s just good! So here’s my no fuss, no measurements recipe (sorry Type A’s)…

Chick peas (Garbanzo beans)
olive oil
fresh garlic cloves
fresh squeezed lemon juice
himalayan pink salt
blender or food processor



Ok, I love Tahini, but it always comes in that tin all separated and it never seems to want to go back together all smooth, I solved this last night by throwing the entire contents of the tin, oil and paste, into our Nutrabullet and oh my, it was perfect.


First I drain the chick peas and toss them in the bullet, add tahini to taste, press two cloves of garlic (I love tons of garlic in my hummus), I ended up using 3 small lemons for juice but it’s totally up to taste, olive oil and water just enough for the nutra bullet to tackle the job. Now there was tons of shaking, adding water, adding lemon, so you have tons of freedom to make it how you like. Slice some bell peppers and nom nom!

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