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Balance, and how sometimes all it takes is a playdoh flower!



I have had the hardest time finding balance this week. Blame the hormones, lack of sleep, the constant strains of being a working mom and trying to keep everyone happy. I, of course, put that title on my self, taxi driver, kisser of boo boo’s, chef, maid, washer-dryer-folder-putterupper-of-clothes, four legged mommie, responsible for feeding, playing, watering and walking of our furry kids. Here’s the deal though, Jake is an amazing step dad, he’s clean, he cooks way more than I do and he doesn’t bitch or freak out about it, so why am I? I get me time, it’s called preschool and first grade, I absolutely love what I do, I haven’t had the space to practice as much as I used to because of some early complications with the pregnancy but that’s fixing itself, I’m blessed with amazing friends and Jake’s amazing family who have pulled me and the girls in as their own, I get to spend my days with the love of my life, so what’s my deal?


Maybe I have this idea in my head of how the house should look, or how the kids should act or how much money should be in the bank. Instead of stressing out and being crazy, I should just be. Yes, my house is a bit cluttered and has a constant layer of dog hair, it’s because we have kids and dogs, yes I’m frustrated with my kids behavior sometimes but guess what? They’re kids, they do that, they’re loud and rambunctious and crazy, that’s part of the joy of being kids. So what if we drive beater cars, they get us from point a to b, we live a modest but amazing life, filled with love, experiences, and each other. We have a safe awesome roof over our heads and food on the table, we are lucky! Oh and the hubby let me take a 3 hour nap (after waking up and making breakfast, lol) and played with the girls, so I got a playdoh flower and it absolutely made my day!

Author: redyogimom

I'm a mom, yogi, lover, artist, wanderer, reader, student, teacher, writer, traveler, searcher, lover of music, experience and light. I have no filter and refuse to grow one, I'm raw, honest, vulnerable and ecstatically happy.

2 thoughts on “Balance, and how sometimes all it takes is a playdoh flower!

  1. beautiful blog post lovely 🙂 I love how you turned all your worries into something to be grateful for. Gratitude is such the instant (sometimes) Pain reliever! Keep up the beautiful writings! xo

  2. Awe Thanks Love! It totally helps to take a second to breathe, we are all so lucky even though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way in the moment! ; )

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