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I gave up a house and we moved into a home

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This weekend kicked my ass. It was amazing, stressful, full of the unknown, yet somehow I knew it was all going to work out!

I have to back up to February, Jake and I took a break, let’s call it a quarter life crisis, and when that happened my world shattered and my heart broke. I found myself having to put some big girl panties on and get the impossible accomplished. I searched Charlotte for a house big enough to fit my girls and cheap enough fit my yoga teacher, massage therapist self could afford and wound up in the ghetto. IMG_4752

It was small and pokey but it was our cottage. I decorated it the best I could, Jake is really the one who knows where to put things. Bottom Line, it served it’s purpose. Happily for us, the break was short and we put our family back together, but as Jake and the dogs moved in, it became all too obvious that we outgrew that tiny cottage. There was the incedent with the tree (don’t ask), the two lawn mowers that were stolen from behind the house, the constant foot traffic to the bus stop and so many other things that signaled it was time to go. But seeing our house is what really did it.

Fast forward to Friday, as in less than a week ago, I had just begun Deep stretch teacher training at Okra, there was such a lovely group and we had a blast but any training is intense and takes a lot of energy. We found out Friday night that we got our dream house and commenced packing up a three bedroom zoo. Between the training, packing, and moving almost halfway through a high risk pregnancy you can imagine how amazing this house is and how relieved we are to be in it. The keys are handed in to the old cottage, the boxes are decorating the new house and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is our family under one roof, but it’s under a roof we picked together, one we worked incredibly hard for, and one that will house this growing family for a long time. Now I have to go unpack…..


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